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The Creative Facts

For the past 15 years Anthony Dever (CEO) has built his company DPS Inc., which provides production services to the entertainment industry. His company specialized in large venue Lighting, Audio, and Video services, which serviced the Concert Touring, Corporate Events, and Motion Picture Industries. DPS employed over 70 Full Time and 100 plus part-time employees. Dever sold DPS in late 2015 at the age of 35, and is excited to pursue his passion in the field of creative digital storytelling

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Anthony Dever’s most memorable achievement while working at DPS was to create the DPS House of Worship Division. He felt convicted in 2011 to put in place a statement piece in the company. DPS Worship would let people know that DPS was dedicated to Jesus. DPS Worship took off instantly, and you could see God’s hand in everything DPS, not just in one division but all divisions! DPS was fortunate to work with some of the best in the non-secular industry, artists such as Hillsong United and Jesus Culture just to name a few. A great honor was bestowed upon DPS when Hillsong Church asked DPS to provide all of the production services on set for the filming of their movie, Hillsong Movie “Let Hope Rise” which is slated for release Sept 16th, 2016. 

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During Anthony Dever’s 15-year career in the entertainment production services industry, he had unique opportunities to not only work with his clients in their respective settings, but also to capture them digitally. Photography & Cinematography became a driving passion for Dever. Sharpening his skills in the creative realm, Dever began to conceptualize and design a visual pallet for the public to see, and to understand what Dever Creative can provide.  

Since the sale of his company Dever has been focusing on his passion for telling stories in a digitally creative way. Most people call this marketing but Dever likes to say, “Let the content speak for itself.” His focus is to work with individuals that need a strategy and a visual roadmap to tell their story. Dever’s philosophy is, it’s imperative that all the voices involved on a project are heard. 

“Communication, Dedication, and Execution, always make a good recipe for success in any project.  I’m excited to take everything I have learned over the years and help create digital art for the client that desires to take their vision to the next level.”